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Our Method

One of Michael Jackson's producers speaking about the artist's talent said: "It started with a song". If there wasn't a song for him to sing in the beginning, he would not have been the superstar we have known today. The music industry exist because of a song. And there would be no song without a songwriter. Therefore the glorious music industry should be indebted to the most important key people, those working at the heart of the music business, the greatest thinkers in the world, Songwriters.

We look at songwriters with much attention. If you write songs or intend to learn to write songs, you are special. How do you write is important to us and therefore our approach to teaching you how to write music that everyone wants to sing along is our focus. We use a unique method that's guaranteed to make you write no different to hit songwriters if you practice what we've taught you and if you persevere. In 20 sessions (the complete course), you will be armed to compete with other hit songwriters in contests for example, a way of testing your progress. Our best students have won songwriting contests, market their songs for films, are now published songwriters, and have knowledge about songwriting the music industry which you only get after reading a dozen books.


You may buy books on songwriting and other about the music business. Chances are you'll only read half a book or if you do want to finish it you'll leave the practical assignment sections for later if they exist, and never getting them done in the end. You will certainly not finish reading the last page with a better song completely written, produced and recorded in studio. Or you may sign up to online courses. But no one will sit with you and help you caring for your songwriting making sure that you do actually understand, assess where are your strengths and weaknesses and help you get it right when it comes to actually writing the songs, caring for the potential of the song. No online courses can offer you proper interaction between the teacher and student. Songwriting is a fantastic method of communication and it starts in the classroom. Most online courses, as well as in most private songwriting tuitions, do not get you the opportunity to hear other students thoughts and debates which are so important in helping songwriters developing their skills tremendously.

Our Student's songs written during the course get recorded by an award winner producer & sound engineer in a professional recording studio and published.

Following our method, just like most songwriters living from their songwriting, writing the marketable way will become second nature to you, and we will make sure that you have been converted too. You will not be comfortable writing songs that you believe stand no chance of generating an income and you will never want to waste your time writing one anymore. Songwriting is an art. Just like the artist standing in front of his canvas his brush in one hand and his palette in the other hand, you will be equipped with all the tools and techniques needed to craft your artwork. You will not wake up in the morning letting the songwriter in you remain asleep. Every experience and emotion will become a theme and colour that you the artist will prepare on your palette. Every word and sound you hear will inspire something that will help build up your canvas to create your song. Songwriting is an art of communicating. Your song will need to achieve one purpose, that it to bring a message to your audience. Therefore, your theme has to be interesting enough to attract and involve your listeners, fans.

Our method is a process that makes it fun for the student to participate and enjoy. It is not the goal that will make you enjoy the process, but enjoying the process will have you remain focussed on the goal. You will be sad when the course is over as other students have expressed. However, you will then discover that this isn't the end, but the beginning of the journey. Through our songwriters network group, you will continue to collaborate and improve your work, receive critiques and give feedback yourself to others work. Your level of knowledge about songwriting and the industry will have you capable of answering anyone who is not properly informed.


We make use of multimedia with projection on screen, proper audio sound for analysis of existing hit songs. Students will be involved with contacting recording studios for quotes as part of assignments in relation to the class on budgeting for your song demo, visit record stores to find information about songs that meet a certain criteria and write a report on their findings, possibly collaborate with others on a weekend at a songwriters camp (depending on how many students are in a class and happy to do so). This method is very practical and unique to Magesongs School Of Songwriting


It is our intention to continue to work with songwriters that have been trained by us because we believe that some could take some practice time to be able to write songs that sell. They can continue to improve through our Workshop meeting, our so called 'songwriter's club' which free membership.


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