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The Key To Songwriting Success

We have tailored our course to make studying with us more affordable for everyone. Some people might not be able to pay upfront, while others would prefer pay for a cheaper option, that is completing the course having studied the same as everyone else, however without producing a song at the end of the course. However, we made it possible for everyone to complete the course with a song ready for publishing by providing a pay as you go method of payment. For those who would like to take advantage of a discount, they have the pay upfront option available.


Our songwriting course is made up of two core studies, songwriting techniques and the songwriters business covered during 20 sessions (1 session per week)







Complete Course.


The complete songwriting course is made up of two core studies, songwriting techniques and the songwriters business covered during 20 sessions (1 session per week)

The two core studies are compulsory to stimulate your understanding of the business side of being a songwriter  which will in return instigate a better motivation in you to write great and powerful songs. After you have written and produced great songs, you would not want to see them sit on the shelf, but get them heard by music industry professionals. There's a chemistry, a science of attraction between them, and when you have learned to understand that science, your songwriting talent will become second nature to you. This is what this 'compleat' course will do for you if you have attended all classes, successfully done all assignments and carefully taken on board all that you have learned.


Course Fee Option: $1235.10

Booking payment of $256.60

Then installment payment of $51.50 / session.

(See also Discounts on this page)



  • All the tools and techniques of songwriting as well as understanding everything a songwriter should know about the songwriting business.

  • Collaboration team to continue working together after the course.

  • One completely produced song at the end of the course recorded in our professional recording studio by an award winner producer and sound engineer. (Indie Music Channel Best Pop Recording & Recording Of The Year 2013 Awards) + Nominee for Best Producer.

  • publishing opportunities for your song written during the course if your song has reached the marketable level expected, which is expected of all students.

  • Songwriter's camp if available.



Songwriting Only.

The songwriting component of the course can be studied without the integretion of the business studies.


The student does not attend the sessions  which cover the business studies component of the course. If that is the student's choice, there will be no song expected to be presented at the end of the course for publishing opportunity, which is only offered to students whom we believe understand all the aspects of being a professional songwriter.


Course Fee Option: $825.50

Booking payment of $138.85

Then installment payment of $36.15 / session.

(See also Discounts on this page)



  • All the tools and techniques of songwriting.

  • Collaboration team to continue working together after the course.

  • There's no song required at the end of the course for publishing opportunities. However the student interested in having a song published may still present his/her song written during the course which has been recorded elsewhere. Level of finished demo which is required for publishing will be required. Song must have been written step by step through the course and will be assessed on specific sessions.

  • Songwriter's camp if available.



You can take advantage of reduced fees for both the Complete Course or the Songwriting Course only when you pay the whole amount upfront when booking.


Complete Course: $1130 instead of $1235.10


Songwriting only: $717.10 nstead of $825.50




Think It Through.​


What would it cost you to get a song produced and fully recorded in a professional studio? You would have to add up the studio booking fee in a minimum of three hours block, session musicians and singer as well as the sound engineer's cost.


Here is a list of what we are offering you for a much lower fee:


  • The same standard of studio work as described above.


  • You also get to complete a 20 weeks course on songwriting, including the music business approach.


  • Publishing opportunities where your song (course song only) will be forever published and marketed till it generates you income (publishing conditional upon marketability).


  • Continuous mentoring throughout the course every time you need help with assignments.


  • Collaboration with other songwriters.


  • Free workshops opportunity during the duration of your course.


  • And the option to pay either upfront or weekly.












Studio Conditions.


If you need more than 6 hours in studio for extra vocals or mixing etc., this will be at extra cost to you or as arranged between you and the sound engineer.

Note also that the quality of the studio work is finished record quality product that we are seeking from students at the end of the course. Anything you require more than the best we are offering you will be at your own cost


You will be given the full duration of the course, therefore plenty of time to have your (one) song completed. The month following the completion of the course is the time allocated for your song to be recorded in studio. If your song is late, passed the allocated time, you will lose your studio time and to have your song recorded will be in a different studio of your choice and at your own cost. If our appointed sound engineer agrees to record the late song, it will also be at your own cost. Therefore it is recommended that you have your song finished on time. Note also that your teacher or an appointed mentor will be working with you to help you get the song ready prior to studio recording. If the course has been completed and you are late, you may book some time with your teacher or mentor, but there will be a charge of $30 per hour.


Studio production time will only be offered if your song has achieved marketable quality, to be ready for publishing. The sound engineer/programmer may refuse to record your song if you haven't achieved the quality expected of your songwriting. (Your song cannot be replaced by any other song previously written by you, outside of the course, whatever the quality of the song.)






Tax Deductible.


Did you know that tax principles that applies to most businesses are actually different for music related business such as performers, songwriters and musicians? Musicians and artists do not always easily make a profit unless it's been their big break, they are likely to make a loss. Therefore as long as they can justify their intention to make a living from their music, they are allowed to claim for losses every year, until they have made a profit or become successful. Due to this course being geared towards establishing you as a professional songwriter, whether as your primary or secondary source of income if you have another full time job, for tax purposes, this course is actually the proof that it is your intention to make a living with your music as a songwriter. So you can fully claim on your expenses in doing this course. In other words you have nothing to lose. Speak to your accountant or a tax agent about it if you want to understand how this could work for you.


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