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Students Testimonial

Our students speak for themselves!

Karen Guymer

-2015 Australian Songwriter of the Year Award Winner

-2010 Rudy Brandsma Award Winner (ASA)

-36rd National Songwriting Awards 2016  Ballad Award Winner 

-35rd National Songwriting Awards 2015 Open category Winner

-33rd National Songwriting Awards 2013  Ballad Award Winner 

-Songsalive Australia Instrumental Award 2012 Winner 


Rick Hart

- 2014 Australian Songwriter Of The Year Award Winner

-32nd National Songwriting Awards 2012 Ballad Award Winner

-34th National Songwriting Awards 2014 Ballad Award Winner

-Currently Signed to Checked Label Services

-Currently published by Kobalt Publishing


Industry Testimonials
Joe Dolce (Shaddap You Face - 1981 No.1  International Hit )


"Jacques Mario Gentil, you run a great workshop program that empowers budding songwriters. I am impressed also by your perseverance over the years in the songwriting craft. Your voice and harmony sense is better than ever. Congrats on the APRA/ASA acknowledgment - a tough nut to crack - but rewarding industry validation for your focused and persistent work. Your father would be proud of your guardianship of the family musical flame. "

Joe Dolce 


Student's Testimonials & Recent Award Winners
Anirban ASA 18.jpg

Anirban Banerjee

APRA/ASA Songwriter of the Year 2018 Award Winner

Lloyd Clarke with Tamworth Trophy

Karen Guymer with Johnny Young

Karen is Australian Songwriter of the Year  Award Winner (ASA

Karen Guymer - East Bentleigh, Victoria.

Winner of Australian Songwriter of the Year Award 2015 (APRA/ASA)

Winner of Best Open Category song at the 35th National Songwriting Awards.

Winner of the Rudy Brandsma Award 2010.

Course songs published: Our Last Goodbye / It Feels Right

Karen's goal is to write for other artists and one of Karen's songs Our Last Goodbye was recently put on hold for 6 months by Sony/BMG Nashville for Sarah Evans and other similar artists. However, the song wasn't used and we keep shopping around the globe.

Other interest in her songs: Lenou Mouskouri - France (Nana's daughter).


"This course has been fantastic for me as a singer-songwriter. I've learned so much about not only successful song structures but also the business side of the industry. Highly recommend to all."

Karen Guymer





Lloyd Clarke - Narre Warren, Victoria.

Winner of Tamworth National Country Songwriters Awards 2018 - Lyric Category.

Winner of Tamworth National Country Songwriters Awards 2015 - Novice Category.

Course Song Published by Magesongs Publishing (ASCAP): That's How Heave Works

Music Publisher: Kobalt Publishing

Record Label: Checked Label Services

Lloyd has taken on board everything he has learned from us seriously. With a middle of the road genre with country influence, Lloyd has decided to move beyond country with his songwriting, to write for artists of various genre including ballad, pop, gospel and rock. His effort and singing talent has impressed me the moment we recorded his song in studio. Lloyd is currently signed to distribution label Checked Label Services and has his whole song catalog published by Kobalt Publishing. Lloyd has also collaborated with Nashville No. 1  Country hit songwriter Max T. Barnes.   Listen to one of Lloyd's songs on our Student's Songs page.


"I fully endorse and recommend Magesongs School of Songwriting. Jacques experiences and knowledge of songwriting and the music business is second to none. I enjoyed this course immensely, I have made great friends and have just recorded my first song that I am totally satisfied with. Do yourself a favour, contact Jacques to discuss your songwriting dreams. I am sure he can help you on your way to "write songs that make cents."

Lloyd Clarke




Anirban Jee - Canberra

Winner of Folk/Acoustic category at the 41st National Songwriters Award (ASA) 2021

Winner of APRA/ASA Songwriter of the Year Award  2018

Winner of Ballad category at the 38th National Songwriters Award (ASA) 2018

Winner of International category at the 38th National Songwriters Award (ASA) 2018

Winner of International category at the 37th National Songwriters Award (ASA) 2017

Winner of Songsalive Australia - Songwriter of the Year Award 2018

Winner of Songsalive Australia Pop Song category 2017

Winner of Songsalive Australia Ballad Song category 2017

Winner of Pop Contemporary category at the 35th National Songwriters Award (ASA) 2015

Distribution label: A&R Dept. 

Anirban is a proactive songwriter always trying to move forward and faster. When I first heard his songs, I could see he needed this course and I am so glad he took my advice and joined. His latest songs are suddenly amazing and the shy and quiet achiever currently had a song signed to A&R Dept. Label. You may listen to Anirban's song 'Undecided' on our Student Songs page.  AEIOU is available on iTunes. 

Anirban's website:


"The Magesongs Songwriting course is quite unique and a must for upcoming songwriters who want to make their mark in the music industry. The course not only focuses on Songwriting aspects but also takes you through essential elements of the music industry such as marketing, publishing, record labels, analysis of success stories, royalty, demo submission techniques and provides clarity on where you stand as a songwriter and what you want to achieve. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and also made some wonderful contacts along the way which opened up opportunities for further collaboration and sharing of creative ideas. Jacques is a wonderful mentor and I enjoyed his personal and informal approach of teaching."

Anirban Jee





Rick Hart winning the main ASA Award. 2014

Rick Hart - Rowville, Victoria.

Winner of Australian Songwriter Of The Year 2014 Award. (APRA/ASA)

Winner of ASA 34th National Songwriting Awards 2014 winner - Ballad Category

Winner of ASA 32nd National Songwriting Awards 2012 winner - Ballad Category

Course songs published: My Hesitation (Winner of the ASA Ballad Category 2012)

Music Publisher: Kobalt Publishing

Record Label: Checked Label Services


"Thank You so much for a wonderful course. I must admit when I signed up for the course I wasn't sure what to expect but it exceeded all my expectations.

A big thumbs up to the material covered, but also to yourself for the way you made it all so interesting and also showed great faith and belief in myself and my songwriting. The course has really re-kindled my love of writing and I thank you for this too. I really respect what you have to say as I know it is intended to get me to push myself to be the best I can at my craft. Once again, a truly great course and I will sing your praises loudly."

Rick Hart

Jazmine Borella - Warrandyte, Victoria.

"Jacques, I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and learned more than I could have ever anticipated. thank you."

Mazdiar Patel - Oakleigh, Victoria.

"Jacques, Thanks to you I am now enjoying the process of song creation even more...  Not only did I learn a lot through the course but it was also a great pleasure working with you on the song. Thanks again for all your efforts and I look forward to working with you again in the future soon."

Jean Rebeiro - Narre Warren, Victoria.

"This course is unique and I am glad I made that first phone call. I used to only write poetry, now I have learned to collaborate and have songs translated in Spanish and Portuguese as well."

John Salter - Endeavour Hills, Victoria.


"I have found the course to be an enjoyable experience. which has not only provided me with the skills to now write complete songs of a competitive standard but also to understand the music industry itself. If you are thinking of writing songs, I recommend this course to you"

Hanka Bachledova - Christmas Hills, Victoria.


"I enjoyed every moment of your course and I'm sad it's over. It was extremely professional. Your dedication and passion was an inspiration in itself. Now I feel excited and confident stepping into the songwriting business."

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