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Song Pitching Opportunity
We accept unsolicited demos.  We'll assess your songs and offer you a publishing contract we believe your song is pitchable. We'll send you a critic of your song if we find it has potential to help you improve the song until it is ready to be pitched.
Send only CDs. Your song do not need to be in finished format even though we always appreciate a properly finished demo. 
Send a maximum of 5 songs per submission, and send us your best ones. Your work will be kept in confidentiality, and any promotion on your behalf will be done with your consent.

Submission Guidelines

It is preferable that you contact us prior to sending your demo.


Please note:

  • As we are always searching for the best songs from the most talented writers,  if you believe your work deserves our attention, please email us requesting permission to submit, with your personal detail, credits, if possible an existing website where some of your work can be heard, as well as a brief detail about the song/s you want to submit and what targeted artist/s you have in mind. We will request your demo CD if we are interested to take it any further.

  • Lyricists, do not send any lyrics only to review,  unless we've asked you to do so.

  • Do not email any mp3 (or other format) file to us, as it will be deleted from the server before reaching us. Demos can only be sent via postal mail, unless we request to download your file.

  • We recommend your songs to be sent on CD than on audio cassette tape.

  • Unless requested otherwise, limit the number of songs submitted to 3.

  • Attach a lyric sheet for each song submitted.

  • Clearly print all lyrics and envelope.

  • Label each item sent: CD, cover, lyric sheets, etc.

  • Include all writers name and contacts.

  • Include copyright registration details and performing right society of each writer.

  • Please advise if your song has been published in the past.

  • We do not return demos.

  • We only reply if we are interested with a song.

  • We do not promote artists.

If your song is selected:

  • We will send (post mail or email) you a songwriter's contract to be reviewed and signed by all writers.

  • If writers live far apart from each other, we will send one contact to each, the contracts being the same.

  • It is advisable to have your contract reviewed by an entertainment attorney or a music lawyer with song contract experience.

  • Our contracts are based on typical U.S. contracts, and mechanical royalties are set as per U.S. congress rate..

  • Contracts are negotiable.

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