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Award Winning Songwriters for your Projects

Gentmuse is a group of songwriters capable of writing or collaborating on various projects.


Gentmuse works in two ways. Our services include writing to specific music publishers, labels, commercials and film industry projects (including compositions only), and collaborating on others songs, either as co-writers or as a 'work-for-hire' offer. See the Writers page and scroll down to Collaboration Services.


We have a huge catalogue of songs tailored to the music industry's need. Run by 2 Australian Songwriter of the Year Award winners, ASCAP affiliate Jacques Gentil -(2013) & APRA affiliate Karen Guymer (2015), and in collaboration with other trustful songwriters, we have nothing but the best songs to offer the music industry.


Here A&Rs, music publishers and signed artists can listen to some of our latest compositions.  If you like what you hear, we also have a back catalogue of songs we would be happy to show you. 


We write to projects specific to artists need as long if we are given proper instructions of what it is you want to achieve. We may also involve other talented songwriters if needed to achieve what you require. Our song catalogue include other writers we have collaborated with.


The songs on the next page are presented by category. New songs and categories are being added when they become available.


None of the songs have been released yet until they'll find a successful marketable home. We invite you to come back to check us out every now and then.


Please Note: This website is only targeted at music industry professionals.  Click PLEASE ENTER button to hear our songs.


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