Collaboration Services



Collaboration is a major part of what we offer at Gentmuse. We work with a group of other talented songwriters we trust, some of whom have achieved major awards and hit songs from the 80's. 


You tell us all the pertinent and important details of your project and you leave the rest to us. Our trusted writers know best what's required to take your song to industry standards. 






  • We compose the melody to your lyrics or lyrics to your melody. 

    • Your lyrics ideas must be clear from the word go. We would require a synopsis of your song lyric idea.

  • We will fix your lyrics.

    • Say if you only write poetry, making it fit an acceptable lyric format while respecting most of what you have written, the story and your style of writing.

  • We'll produce the song.  

    • We work with our International award winner producers.

    • We use top notched vocalists who sounds like any famous artist you want your song to sound like.

    • We'll have your song mastered by renowned Australian industry mastering gurus.

    • You keep all the rights to your song. We'll give you a 'work-for-hire' agreement that states that our name/s will not  be used on your song even if the song becomes a huge hit.

    • Time of delivery: Approximately 2 weeks.

    • Note: We don't normally write a whole song, lyrics and melody as we would like our client's input on the song. However if you so wish for us to write a whole song, melody and lyrics for you, the cost will be a AU$5000 flat. Note that you keep all the rights to the song. (3 - 4 weeks)

  • COST: AU$2300 




  • Same as Option 1 above except that we don't offer any production and vocalists. We just send you a rough version of the melody with your lyrics.

  • You keep all rights to the song as above. A 'Work-for-hire'.

  • Time of delivery: 1 week.

  • COST: AU$1500



OPTION 3. (Our Preferance)

  • Same as Option 1 or 2, except that we all keep the rights to the song.

  • As Co-Writers we all agree to share any cost of production and vocalists in addition to our fees of collaboration.

    • Note: Gentmuse will decide on the production appropriate for the song.

  • You keep your publishing share equal to your writers share of the song. If you have any ideas, we will be happy to hear it.

  • In the event we pitch the song to a music publisher or the like who takes the song on board, you agree to also give away your share of the publishing rights just as we agree to if you find a music publisher.

  • COST: AU$1000 (Co-writing fee only)



NOTE: Payment is required prior to start of collaboration.